Lubricants and Greases

Blue Cowrie are the nominated exclusive agent for Gulf Oil Marine for South Africa, which includes Angola and Mozambique.

In South Africa a full service of deliveries to all ports and packaging is offered with pumping on board, IBCs and Drums to the customers preference. Elsewhere product is supplied with limited pumping depending on local legislation.

Where there is an OEM requirement, due to warranty issues, Blue Cowrie is equipped with the knowledge and has experience in supplying all OEM Lubricants. Chevron, Shell, Castrol, Mobil, Total and so forth. All marine grades are supplied as well as Turbine, Transformer, Generator and Compressor.

Blue Cowrie Oil have been working with Caltex as agents for a number of years assisting with growing the Africa business.

Along with products they supply technical advice, audits on multiple stocks, HSE, workshops and video conferencing where required.

Blue Cowrie experience and expertise in the marine lubricant and grease industry has been built up over the years in the diverse and challenging African markets.

Our team is focused on giving a world class leading service in terms of product quality, delivery and ease of doing business.

In addition, we offer product analysis services, tribology support, stock audits and HSE support.

We continuously invest in skills, industry knowledge, manpower, and building mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers to improve our service to our customers.

Blue Cowrie in addition supplies a range of OEMs including Mobil, Shell, Castrol, Total and Caltex, ENI.

In addition we offer product analysis services, tribology support, stock audits, HSE support.